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Warranty Policy

During the warranty period, if any problem, we will make every effort to provide you with satisfactory services. To ensure you receive your full product warranty benefits, please read the following parts carefully:

We certify as below:

Warranty Period:
The warranty period of the slack adjuster and brake chamber is 1 years and 100,000 kilometer from the date of delivery on the bill of the lading.

Warranty Range:
All products are sold by JINDA:
A) Customers could supply the pictures or test report of claim items;
B) After our technical department person check the pictures or reports,confirm that problem products are ours,we will send credit note for our customers ;

Warranty range doesn’t include the following:
The claim items are not sold by JINDA,we will not to supply warranty

For any finding, please contact the following numbers: +86-576-87373728