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Manual Slack Adjuster

JINDA can produce more than 200 different manual slack adjuster for application around the world

Popular items technical specification


JD No. JD4407401
Part No. 104407401
No. of teeth 26
OE no. 346 420  1738
Other side 104507401
JD No. JD4507401
Part No. 104507401
No. of teeth 26
OE no. 346 420 1838
Other side 104407401
JD No. JD0001721
Part No. 100001721
No. of teeth 10
OE no. 0517452610
Application BPW


JD No. JD0001760
Part no. 100001760
No. of teeth 10
OE no. 0517465130
Application BPW

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